Our  original feta cheese Misty Meadow has been referred to as the epitome of fabulous cheese. Its authentic Greek taste has a crisp, citrusy flavor that is ripe and delicious. It has a salty, mildly sharp flavor that will send your taste buds into a stunning place. There is no bad way to enjoy this cheese. Its crumbly texture can b eenjoyed on a salad, with your favorite protein or simply by itself. It pairs best with any wine or your favorite IPA.


Chipotle Feta- This feta shares the same amazing description as our original feta but adds an explosive heat that is satisfying and delicious. This cheese is perect for heat lovers who are desiring a kick. Pairs best with red wine and lager beer. 


Dill Feta- This feta shares the same amazing description as our original. It demonstrates a perfect amount of flavor in a new way to enjoy a traditional classic. The correct combination of sheeps milk and dill are what makes this cheese bright and satisfying. The ways this cheese can be enjoyable are endless. Pairs best with white wine, red meat and roasted vegetables.


We have three flavors of SHEEP MILK FETA cheese available.  Misty Meadow Original, Smokey Ram Chipotle or Dill.    All of our cheese are produced here on the farm, small batch, handcrafted and made with love. 

Feta Cheese Varieties

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