1-Hour Sessions:- 10-15 minutes: Hand-washing/Sanitizing, Introductions, Quick Q&A, Basic Animal Handling/Safety Instructions/Following Rules/Education- 10-15 minutes: Lamb Assignments and Cuddles (while bottles prepared)- 10-15 minutes: Bottle Feeding- 15-20 minutes: Clean-up, Cuddling, Reading, Exercise Yard, Pics/Selfies*Outside/Barn so dress appropriately, closed-toe shoes a must, wear a mask,

Fridays in March- Lamb Camp Registration



    Misty Meadow Sheep Dairy
    100 Dennisville-Petersburg Road
    Petersburg, NJ 08270

    Phone: 609-442-3066


    Farm Hours
    Mon. - Wed.     Closed
    Thurs.                 Closed
    Fri.                       Closed
    Sat.                     Closed
    Sun.                     Closed

    We are closed for the winter. We look forward to seeing you in the spring!

    Our Farm

    We raise East Friesian sheep and we are proud to be south Jersey's only Grade A Dairy.

    We strive to offer a fun, safe, interactive environment for families to gather and learn.