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We will offer hayrides out in our Fall Fun Field on Saturdays and Sundays, no reservation needed.  The Fall Fun Field will include, a hay maze, corn hole games, a chicken nesting box with eggs (look out for the chickens), and the hayride which will  stop at the sunflower and pumpkin fields for $10.00 per person. (Two and under free) In addition, you can choose to pick a pumpkin for $5.00 extra for each pumpkin.  The sunflower field is in perfect bloom right now and families are taking beautiful photos during their stop in the sunflowers!  


Jane Finn Beebe

Saturday and Sunday - Hayride continues throughout the day.
Saturday Hayrides - 10am - 6pm
Sunday Hayrides - 12pm - 4pm

Thursday & Friday 3 pm - 6 pm We are offering private Fall Fun Field with Hayride during the with a Minimum of $50.00 for up to 5 people, $10.00 for each additional person.  Pumpkin picking is an additional $5.00 for each person who wants a pumpkin.  
Please email or message us to schedule for these private times, in advance.  


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