Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

Our cheese boards are unique and made-to-order and will be the perfect accompaniment to your social gatherings, no matter how grand or intimate.

Contact us to place an order and please allow us at least one week’s notice, if possible.

The Misty Meadow
Serves 5-7, $30 + $30 Board Deposit

The best and most intimate variety of all our farm has to offer, including various slices of our aged cheeses, Bloomy Sunflower, sliced salamis, dried apricots, mixed nuts and dried fruits and assorted crackers. 

The Chauncey
Serves 6-8, $45 + $20 Board Deposit

Some of our strongest farm flavors are highlighted on this French-inspired board that comes with a variety of our aged cheeses, sliced salamis, mixed olives, gherkins and assorted crackers.

The Sunflower
Serves 6-8, $60 + $20 Board Deposit

Our unique Bloomy Sunflower is the focus here accompanied by select slices of our aged cheeses, sliced salamis, mini sweet peppers, mixed nuts and dried fruits and assorted crackers.

The Cheesemaker's Joy
Serves 6-8, $65 + $20 Board Deposit

Enjoy a generous sampling of almost all of our cheeses including our garlic and herb cheese spread, Bloomy Sunflower, various aged cheese slices and feta accompanied with dried apricots, mixed olives and multigrain crackers.

The Misty Mediterranean
Serves 5-7, $45 + $30 Board Deposit

Our very own feta cheese takes the spotlight on this board inspired by mediterranean flavors, including dried Turkish apricots, Kalamata olives and multigrain crackers.

The Farmer's Delight
Serves 10-15, $100 + $30 Board Deposit

A robust board with a wonderful variety of our very own farm favors, including our aged cheeses, bloomy sunflower cheese, sliced salamis, dried apricots, mini sweet peppers, mixed nuts and dried fruits, assorted crackers and habanero pepper jam.

The Fabio
Serves 15-20, $160 + $30 Board Deposit

Our most generous board that indulges in all of the wonderful flavors of our aged cheeses paired with our savory, sliced salamis, garlic and herb cheese spread, mixed olives, mini sweet peppers and assorted crackers. 

All of our cheeseboards are customizable with various add-ons and, since we milk our sheep seasonally, are subject to seasonal availability on some of our select fresh cheeses. Each cheeseboard requires a deposit for the wooden board that accompanies it, which you are welcome to keep or may return for a refund of your board deposit.

Online ordering & disposable boxes coming soon! 


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